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Business Register


Business is an occupation, profession or trade. It may be defined as a person, partnership or corporation/organisation etc., engaged in commerce, manufacturing, or a service or a profit seeking enterprise or concern. Whereas, Business Register (BR) is a list of establishments and enterprises.  It serves as a statistical tool for the preparation and coordination of surveys. It is an important source of information for the statistical analysis of the business population and its demography.

Benefits of BR :

(a)Establishing business profile for a specific area.
(b) Reduction in response burden by designing a prescribed format and advising the enterprises to fill up the same so that the number of existing returns can be reduced to a bare minimum.
(c) Setting up a ‘single agency system’ for receiving the returns from the enterprises and  analyzing and processing the same is a necessity to achieve the purpose.
(d) Analyzing existing potential business markets.
(e) Assessing/ assisting market research.

Business registers record all enterprise groups, enterprises and local units that are active in the national economy.The quality of a business registers are determined by how closely its contents reflect reality. Therefore important rules are made for minimum quality standards, and are reviewed periodically to take account of changes in the purposes for which the register is used.

Main activities:

This BR Form would generate a list of all establishment/ sector wise etc., called District Business Register, which in turn serve as a useful tool for generation of district level statistical information and also a frame for conducting sector wise survey of bigger units. Likewise, in each district such a system would be developed. The overall administration of the web page would be the responsibility of the Director/Economic Advisor, DES under the overall control of Principal Secretary (Planning/Statistics). .